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Discover Seamless Property Transactions with Diamond Legal. Our expert team specializes in conveyancing for residential and commercial properties. From pre-purchase contract reviews to complex matters like split contracts and lease transfers, we ensure your investment is safeguarded. Trust us to navigate every aspect of your property journey with precision and dedication.

  • Expert Conveyancing Services
  • Seamless Transaction Experience
  • Dedication to Precision
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  • Investment Protection
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conveyancing sale and purchase of residential and commercial

conveyancing off the plan and vacant land

Discover Smooth Conveyancing for Off-the-Plan and Vacant Land Properties. Ensure a Seamless Transition from Blueprint to Reality with Diamond Legal.

pre purchase contract review

Unlock Peace of Mind Before You Buy: Our Pre-Purchase Contract Review Service ensures you make informed decisions. Discover potential pitfalls and protect your investment.

pest and building inspection

Ensure your property’s safety and value with thorough pest and building inspections. Click to safeguard your investment today.

strata report

Ensure property peace of mind with our thorough Strata Reports—essential insights for informed decisions. Click to uncover vital details!

title and property searches

Unlock Property Insights: Explore Title and Property Searches for Informed Real Estate Decisions.

split contract

Maximize Flexibility: Split Contracts Tailored for Diverse Property Needs. Unlock Opportunities with Strategic Transaction Structures.

transfer lease

Efficiently Transfer Lease Agreements. Ensure Smooth Handovers with Expert Assistance for Seamless Property Management.


Expand Possibilities: Navigate Property Subdivision for Tailored Development Opportunities. Unlock the Potential of Your Real Estate Ventures.

Separation of titles

Navigate the Separation of Titles for Streamlined Development Projects. Unlock Growth Opportunities with Strategic Title Management.

Simultaneous Settlements

We specialise in managing simultaneous settlements for clients who are both selling and buying properties. With our seasoned team, you can seamlessly direct the sale proceeds to fund your purchase, completing both transactions on the same date and time.

Part Tenancy and Related Party Transfers

Gifting a share of a property to a family member or buying-out an ex-spouse after a relationship breakdown is what is known as a part tenancy or related party transfer. We can help you with part tenancy and related part transfer services.

Severance of a Joint Tenancy

We can help if you own a property with one or more other co-owners and you hold the property as joint tenants. For more information on this, please book an appointment and we will be happy to guide you.

Option Contracts NSW

An option agreement is an agreement between a buyer and seller of a property where the buyer or seller (or something both) grant each other options to buy or sell the property to each other.

We will look after all your needs in relation to selling your existing home, purchasing a new home or refinancing your existing home. We can help with

  • Drafting and reviewing Contracts for Sale
  • Auction Contracts and purchases off-the-plan
  • Cost appraisal including stamp duty, GST and disbursements such as search and registration fees
  • Property tenancy including joint tenants and tenants in common
  • Statutory warranties, contract conditions and special conditions
  • Section 66W Certificates, the cooling off period and deposits
  • Put and Call Options
  • Retirement Village purchases, leases and service contracts
  • Liaison with financial institutions regarding deposit bonds, loans, mortgages and discharges of mortgages
  • Execution of contracts, exchange and settlement
  • Adjustments to the purchase price regarding rates and allowances
  • Advice for first-home buyers for duty concession or exemptions

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